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New Threads

New app from Meta: Threads

Twitter used to be good and great. But that was because I curated who I followed. I did try to follow people of a range of political beliefs, but have an interest in the diversity of humanity anyway. I used to enjoy Twitter… until Elon Musk let all the gremlins back in.

Meta has announced a Twitter replacement: Threads, which will be a subsidiary to Instagram. What does that mean? I’m guessing your IG login (username, details, etc) will be ready to go. Which is good. The internet doesn’t need another mad-scramble to get highly desired usernames. What it might also mean is, like IG and FB allows cross posting of Stories, there may be cross posting between IG and Threads.

What song am I singing today? 🎶 “Ding Dong the witch is dead. Which old witch? The wicked witch”

Why am I happy about this? I’m not exactly. We do need a visual-based social media (IG), we do need a video-based social media (YouTube), we do need a mixed-media social media (Facebook), and we do need a text-based social media (formerly Twitter). There should be a concern that now Mark Zuckerberg will effectively own more of the social media space. Yes, there are other alternatives: Mastadon is a decentralised text/mixed-media social network, but it isn’t expanding effectively. Are there others? No really. Tik Tok? I don’t want to share any of my data with the Chinese government. So, we will now have less independent diversity in the social media space.

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