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Andrew photographed in Japan in 2018
Andrew photographed in Japan in 2018

Meet Andrew, the unconvenshonal extraordinary entrepreneur and investor extraordinaire! With his ventures like Travel Photos Pty Ltd and the mind-boggling Sockadelic, he’s like a unicorn in the business world. His empire is expanding faster than a cheetah on roller skates, and he’s chosen the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia as his headquarters.

Now, hold on to your hats because Andrew is no ordinary businessman. He’s got not one, not two, but two decades of international experience under his belt. This globetrotting guru has spent considerable time in Asia, soaking up the culture like a sponge having lived in South Korea, Taiwan, the UK, and Japan. He’s dabbled in learning Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin, proving that he’s a linguistic wanna-be in his own right. He’s also started and came close to completing his PhD in psycholinguistics – and claims he’ll get round to finishing it “soon”.

Ever since he was a sprightly teenager, Andrew’s had an insatiable passion for capturing the essence of a place and its people. Armed with his trusty camera, he’s on a mission to snap the most authentic, unique, and downright beautiful images that showcase the world with respect and dignity. Whether it’s travel, portraits, events, or commercial photography, this shutterbug extraordinaire knows how to work his magic. But there’s a twist! Andrew has a soft spot for those hardworking souls who strive for success, and he loves freezing those moments of struggle and triumph through his lens. That’s why marathon events make him go click-happy!

But wait, there’s more! Andrew isn’t just a master of the camera. He’s also a connoisseur of fun. Brace yourselves because he’s unleashed his latest brainchild: the sensational Sockadelic brand! With a mission to sprinkle joy back into the lives of Melbourne’s fashionistas, this entrepreneur is taking the city by storm, one quirky sock at a time.

Oh, and did we mention that Andrew has some serious adventure skills up his sleeve? When he’s not busy being a business mogul or a photography prodigy, he’s hitting the slopes with his snowboard or diving into the depths of the ocean. This guy is so committed to his craft that he even has underwater housings for his cameras and can brave the coldest weather like a true polar bear. It’s safe to say that Andrew is a force to be reckoned with, both behind the camera and on his wild escapades.

So, brace yourself for an unforgettable journey with Andrew, the eccentric entrepreneur who’s rewriting the rules of success and capturing life’s most amazing moments, one click at a time.

Andrew promoting Travel Photos at a weekend market in Melbourne 2023
Andrew promoting Travel Photos at a weekend market in Melbourne 2023
Andrew preparing for a presentation at an education conference in Japan on an evening train.
Andrew preparing for a presentation at an education conference in Japan on an evening train.


Andrew’s core values are respect and dignity (human rights), sustainability (ecology and conservation), and personal growth (education and travel). Learn more…


Analytical, methodical, empirical, factual, curious, quirky, unconvenshonal.


  • Academic and EFL publications (2005 – 2022) listed.
  • How to do Photographic Story Telling (2023) on Blurb.
  • The Journey Journal: Plan, Prepare, Proceed (2023) on Amazon.
  • Future Ancestors: A book of generated stories (2023) on Kindle & Apple Books.
  • Self Care Diary: For Men (2023) on Amazon.