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Merry Australian Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. Whether you’re enjoying Christmas in the cold, at an Aussie beach, with family, with your friends/tribe; whatever your circumstance I wish you a peaceful and happy day.

A leader should ensure the ship is always moving forward, instead of scrubbing the decks.

Busy Tasks

Today, I had a lunch meeting with a business friend, and it was fantastic to geek out, keep each other motivated, share ideas, and realign with our goals. A few years back, I heard a photographer Sue Brice say something that stuck with me—it emphasised… Read More »Busy Tasks

The Referendum

Andrew Blyth and Office thoughts are with First Nations people across the country, 80% of whom supported a Voice to Parliament embedded in Australia’s constitution, and overwhelmingly voted for change. Many allies and supporters of progressing recognition, through the ‘Yes’ campaign, are experiencing the impact… Read More »The Referendum

Israel vs. Palestine

Why would the Palestinians attack Israel? My question is, why now? Why didn’t they as far back as 1947? Well, they’ve been mostly peacefully resisting. Until now. I have deep sympathies for the European Jews for what they suffered at the hands of the Nazi’s… Read More »Israel vs. Palestine

Hot (Roasted) Girl Summer

The Climate Change Context Climate change, driven primarily by the relentless increase in greenhouse gas emissions, is altering the very fabric of our planet. The consequences of this transformation are evident in the erratic and extreme weather patterns that have become the new norm. The… Read More »Hot (Roasted) Girl Summer