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Choose your sole mate

Sockadelic competition: Choose your sole mate. Vote and win.

Greetings, fellow sock aficionados! We need your expert opinion to help us decide on the next stellar addition to our sock collection. We’ve conjured up four magnificent designs, each brimming with quirky charm and sartorial splendor. So, slip on your imagination caps, and let’s dive into the wondrous world of socks!

Design #1: Boy-Blue and Bubblegum Pink Polka Dots Behold the classic charm of polka dots! This sock masterpiece combines boy-blue and bubblegum pink dots, creating a whimsical fusion of business and party with colours that will make your feet pop with joy. It’s like walking on confetti clouds, spreading happiness with every step.

Design #2: Irregular Stripes For the rebels at heart, we present our irregular stripe extravaganza! These socks flaunt stripes that intertwine in a delightful display of unconventional fashion. They scream individuality, making your feet the center of attention wherever you go.

Design #3: Broad Stripes Stripes, but make them bold! Our broad stripe wonders bring a touch of sophistication to your sock game. With alternating shades and widths, they’re the perfect blend of trendy and timeless. Embrace your inner fashion maven and let these socks speak volumes about your impeccable style.

Design #4: Animal Print Pattern Unleash your wild side with our animal print socks! Sophisticated bogan kangaroo patterns, these socks will transform your feet into a fashion safari. Whether you’re prowling the concrete jungle or curling up on the couch, these socks will make a bouncing statement.

Now, dear sock enthusiasts, it’s time for you to cast your vote! Which design would you proudly wear on a regular basis? Remember, the lucky winner will receive a socktacular prize worth $100 in socks delivered right to their Australian postal address.

To vote, simply leave a comment with the number of your favourite design, and let us know why it resonates with your sock-loving soul. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and crown the ultimate sock champion!

Hurry, voting ends soon (when? TBA), so spread the word and rally your fellow sock enthusiasts to participate. Together, let’s choose the sock design that will make waves in the world of fashion and bring joy to sock drawers everywhere!

Choose your sole mate; fun socks for fun people.

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